Deliver Compelling Digital Healthcare Experiences with our 360° Healthcare Software Product Development as a Service

Healthcare ECM, CRM & portal Development

Our developers can build Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer/patient Relationship Management, patient/employee portals and more such digital solutions for your medical organization so that your operations could be streamlined and digitized smoothly.

Healthcare Mobile Apps

In this era of mobiles, everyone wants to get things done through their mobile. Hire us to build Android, iPhone and Windows mobile app and serve such end-users with the best solutions. We will develop utility-oriented or business-oriented mobile solutions as per your requirements

HIPAA-complaint Healthcare Software

With our thorough knowledge of medical industry standards, HIPAA compliance, and GDPR rules, we emphasize on delivering the best healthcare Software Product Development as a Service to our clients. Stay assured about the security, reliability, and efficiency of your software, if built by us.

Electronic Health Record Keeping Systems

Digital Record-keeping systems for patient and employee data are something every hospital or medical institute needs. With our well-built, search-friendly and AI-enabled custom record keeping solutions, you will feel relieved from the hassles of manual operations.

Information Management Systems

A full-featured Health Information Management System, or HIS, can prominently help you manage and keep medical data. HaptoTech can craft HIS solutions which could keep users’ data, perform analysis on the data and let you extract insightful details for business’s growth.

Telemedicine Solutions

Comprehensive telemedicine or telehealth solutions, developed At Hapto Tech, aim at improving the interaction experience for medical practitioners as well as patients. If planning to establish healthcare centers in remote areas, offer best services using our telemedicine solutions.

Healthcare / Medical Business Websites

A responsive and beautiful business website, which looks attractive on all screens, is the necessity of all businesses today. Your healthcare venture is no exception. Show your expertise, experience, services, and capabilities collectively. Take our medical web development services.

API or 3rd Party Tool Development / Integration

If your existing medical software, web product or mobile solution has to be extended as you want to make it more efficient, HaptoTech can develop APIs or integrate-able tools in order to make it happen. We can integrate this additional module in your current setup too.

Medical Image Analysis Solutions

Our healthcare development experts can design perfect solutions for your medical imaging and analysis requirements. Using the latest technologies and knowledge, we can equip you with advanced diagnosis, monitoring, analysis and treatment capabilities with our solutions.

Custom Solution Development

Nothing to worry if your requirements are unique and need a sophisticated approach to development. At Hapto Tech, we can develop on-demand medical or healthcare solutions are per your idea. Our developers can work on customer needs from ideation to the product launch.

Integration and Maintenance Services

We’ve gained expertise in data, tool and feature integration for the medical industry. From HL7 integration to third-party tool deployment, HaptoTech is available for all type of integration needs. We also provide on-demand and post-delivery maintenance services for our accomplishments.

Other development Services

Whenever you need a custom healthcare development solution, HaptoTech is the best service provider to contact. We can also develop custom interfaces, apps, software, websites, portals, fitness mobile applications, health-related parameter tracking apps and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Compliances are taken care of while you develop healthcare solutions?

HaptoTech takes care of HIPPA and GPDR compliance while developing software or web solutions for the healthcare industry. Additionally, we understand ISO 13485, IEC 62304:2006 / Amd 1:2015, DICOM, ICD-10 and other major protocols related to your industry too. So, we try adhering to all the best standards as we can. If you have some special constraints to be taken care of as per the nature of product or service location, let us know in advance. We will make sure that we do not miss anything out during the development process.

Indeed. HaptoTech can do it, definitely. We can get indulged in the product development from the brainstorming and idea incubation phase. Our developers have built dozens of unique solutions from scratch. Ask us for a quick consultation meeting/call so that we could impress you with our proficiency.

We provide comprehensive software, mobile and web development services to the businesses belonging to the healthcare industry. Not just new solutions, we can also build extensions or apps for the existing solutions in use at your organization. Our experienced developers understand the standards of your industry and have experience of working on diverse requirements for the medical sector. Support, API development, custom development, maintenance and more – there is nothing we cannot do. Quality, security, timeliness, and communication are also taken proper care of. How else do you think, can do it for you?

Yes. We can develop custom mobile apps for your medical/healthcare business. Also, our developers are proficient at crafting utility apps for this sector too. For example – If you want a fitness app or something similar – we can build it for your end-users. At Hapto Tech, we provide Android app development, iOS app development, Windows app development, and web-based mobile app development services to the healthcare sector.